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Polyamides E/G

Polyamides offers a combination of good mechanical properties, excellent bearing and wear characteristics, and the large size capabilities of the casting process.


The polyamide's resistance, noise damping ability, corrosion resistance, and light weight  ideal for metal replacement applications, such as bearings, gears, sheaves, and sprockets. At one-eighth the weight of bronze .



1,15 g/cm3

M a i n   f e a t u r e s :

 good damping

good slide and wear properties

electrically insulating

high strength

good wear properties

 resistant to many oils, greases and fuels

high toughness

To manufacture  PA6 Polyamides, also known as nylons, two methods are available, extrusion and casting,

both producing rod, plate and tube formats.

The extruded polyamide  is a macromolecular semi crystalline thermoplastic obtained by the polymerization of caprolactam. The use of a high viscosity polymer for extrusion allows for a product of excellent mechanical characteristics with a high level of quality.

The production method of cast polyamides  (polymerization of caprolactam directly into the tool) allows the production of profiles that are much larger than standard dimensions, enabling us to make huge rings, very thick plates and blocks.

T a r g e t   I n d u s tri e s :
mechanical engineering
aircraft and aerospace technology
food technology
automotive industry