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is a plastics engineering company .

We transform the lives of people every day with our customized plastics that reduce the weight of cars, fatigue resistance, noise damping ability, corrosion resistance, and light weight make our plastics ideal for metal replacement applications, such as bearings, gears, sheaves, and sprockets. At one-eighth the weight of bronze, It is easier to handle and maintain than metals such as iron, aluminum, brass, and bronze, which it typically replaces in industrial wear applications. improve industrial applications

 The factory has three divisions: Industry, Automotive and Medical.


We proudly manufacturer world’s most popular plastic that is HDPE.  We are leading HDPE rods suppliers offer...

Colour : Black /white /red/yellow/orange/blue HDPE Sheet Thickness:  2 mm up to 150 mm HDPE Sheet Size:  100...

PVC items : Colour :Dark grey ,Light grey ,black PC sheet :thickness :1-60mm Size:1200*2400mm/1000*2000mm PVC rod Diameter:12-...