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Isover Glass wool

Isover  Saint Gobain  Glass wool boards and blankets are used for thermal and acoustic insulation

in partition walls, cavity walls and in interior walls.

It's not easy ignitable product and base fibers are non-combustible and it's available with different types of facing

such as FSK, BGT, BGF, ASJ and AlUGLASS.

ISOVER glass wool is a high-tech product, mainly made from sand and recycled glass; we have constantly improved its features and performances.

Its exceptional thermal properties contribute to save energy and combat climate change. Its porous and elastic structure absorbs noise in the air and offers acoustic correction inside premises. Incombustible by nature, ISOVER glass wool does not fuel fire or propagate flames.

Light, thin and environment friendly, glasswool products offer very efficient solutions for insulation.

Glass wool: the high performing insulation

ISOVER glasswool products offer state-of-the-art insulation, constantly improved and developed by Saint-Gobain ISOVER over more than 70 years to ensure that they provide the very highest levels of consistent quality and performance, with dozens of new patents filed every year.

Manufactured from locally-sourced natural raw materials like sand, ISOVER glasswool products today include up to 80% recycled glass, making them the perfect choice to meet environmental concerns.

The wide range of ISOVER glasswool products is perfectly suited to meet demanding requirements, offering benefits in thermal and acoustic insulation, fire safety and ease of installation.

The complete solution adapted to all your needs