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ISOVER stone wool

Isover Saint Gobain Rock wool boards are used for thermal insulation and fire protection in partition walls, cavity walls and in interior

walls offering excellent acoustic solution to prevent external noise and also in case of fire it does not generate smoke, burning droplets

and prevent spread of fire between rooms, floors and offices of residential and commercial buildings

ISOVER stone wool is made from volcanic rock - a natural material present in large quantities throughout the earth. It combines mechanical resistance with good thermal performance, fire safety and high temperature suitability.


Rocks are graded and crushed, mixed with coke and slags, then melted in a furnace at a temperature of 1500 °C.
The melt is directed onto rotating wheels where it is spun into wool. Small quantities of resin binder are added to lock the fibres together. The wool is formed into a mat which is cured and compressed in an oven. Then it is cut and possibly covered with facing materials