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Glass wool Pipes or ULTIMATE mineral wool

HVAC pipe insulation

HVAC pipes distribute hot and cold water and other liquids throughout the installation. They needs to be insulated with engineered ISOVER mineral wool pipe sections keep the medium temperature as designed to save energy, prevent condensation, improve thermal comfort and to avoid health issues.


ISOVER  snap-on pipe sections are available in either glass wool or ULTIMATE mineral wool, designed specifically for the insulation of HVAC pipework.

Two main types of pipe sections are available:

  • Faced ISOVER pipe sections, with  covering (e.g. reinforced aluminium) incorporating an overlap (self-adhesive). This helps to provide effective vapour control when all the seems are taped. These usually used for heating and hot water pipes.
  • Unfaced ISOVER pipe sections, supplied without factory-applied outer covering and therefore suitable for use with or without site applied finishes on pipes operating at ambient temperatures and above. These can be used for heating and steam pipes and for chimneys.

The use of ISOVER pipe sections are fire safe solution which contributes to buildings thermal comfort, energy savings and health and safety by keeping the medium temperature as designed, prevents condensation problems and improves the acoustic performance of the installation. All the products are  made out of  biosoluble material and safe to use.