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Vulcanized fiber sheet is a material manufactured by gelatinizing several plies of

high purity cellulose papers. It has extremely high internal bond strength,

and mechanically excellent punching, forming, machining and many other unique properties.

We proudly carries specialty grades to comply any application required by users,

such as water resistant grades, flame retardant grades, combination grades etc. in roll,

sheet and coil.Color: Gray, Black, Red, White, and other colors,Thickness Range: 0.010"

to 2",Standard Sheet Sizes: 48"x48" and 48"x84",Standard Roll Width: 48"



Vulcanized fiber sheet offers flexibility, impact resistance, high tear strength and a smooth,

abrasion resistant surface. It can be machined, punched, slit, threaded, formed, molded

and wound into tubes for literally countless applications.

It provides excellent electrical insulation values, and is arc and track resistant. Even though

composed of cotton and wood pulp, standard VF can be used at operating temperatures of

110C-120C and has a flame resistance rating of U.L. 94HB. The use of additives and/or

coatings can provide a rating of 94VO, and laminating to polyester film will bring

the U.L. thermal rating up to 130C.



Vulcanized Fiber sheet is impervious to most organic solvents, oils, and petroleum

derivatives. This makes it an excellent choice for use in oil. Like wood, to which

it is related, VF will absorb water, but will not delaminate in its presence.

It will tend to "breath" or adjust its moisture content as the ambient moisture level


As a tribute to its tremendous physical strength, Vulcanized Fibre is

the substrate of choicefor heavy sanding discs. VF has been used for these

abrasive discs since they were first developed. The application requires a backing

that is tough, flexible and tear resistant to withstand 20,000 RPM’s while

in direct contact with rough steel welds. Here a loose piece of material

becomes a dangerous projectile and a weak backer leads to excessive downtime.

The newer wood laminating grade of vulcanized fibre strengthens wood laminations

used in skis, skateboards, support beams and as a sub-laminate under thin wood veneers.