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Alsafa for Trading & Supplies Co.

Our products are  supplied to Automotive Industry  , Heavy Engineering Industry ,various Refineries, Power Plants and Chemical Industries around the globe

The section of the most suitable gasket material depends on various factors such as Operating temperature, Applied pressure, Surrounding media, Flange configuration, Number of bolts in order to determine the most appropriate sealing solution.


Factors affecting on the gasket Areas of applicationDimensions of standard sheets :1500 X4000 mm, 1500 X 2000 mm, 1300 X 3900 mm, ...

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Material Composition:Factors affecting on the gasketSUPERLITE 'PLUS' 3000Chrysotile asbestos fibre, Mineral F...

TECHNICAL DATA SHEETMaterial Composition:Factors affecting on the gasket Areas of applicationThe suitability of a gasket material ...