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Molded PTFE sheet

Molded PTFE sheet is available in standard and custom sizes ranging from 0.063" to 8" thick, up to 48" x 48" square.

Standard PTFE sheet sizes include 24” x 24”, 36” x 36” & 48” x 48”


We can Supply PTFE sheets with a very high quality surface finish, free from stress cracks and close to the dimension of the end product, maximizing economy and reducing material loss.

Additional fabrication, machining, and milling are also offered through our in-house machining facility. All molded PTFE can be furnished with one or more surfaces modified by either sodium ammonia or sodium naphthalene etch to ensure excellent bonding ability.

Molded PTFE sheets are available in a wide variety of virgin and modified resins as well as PTFE compounds.

1) Molded PTFE sheet material: 100% PTFE resin 
2) Temperature limit: -100 ~ 250°C
3) Pressure limit: 20Mpa 
4) Main applications: processing spacers and irregular parts used for sealing, insulation
and antisepsis 
5) Surface: slick, not allowed to contain crack and air bubble 
6) Thickness: 1 - 50mm 
7) Standard Size : 1.2 x 1.2 m 
8) Voltage resist: 10KV/mm 

PTFE Molded Sheets
1) Material: suspended PTFE resin 
2) Corrosion resistant 
3) Unloaded temperature range: -180 ~ +260°C
4) Lowest friction coefficient in known solid materials 
5) Used in anti-corrosive liner materials and sealed liners, bearing slides, guide
rails and electric isolators