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PTFE Baking Mat

PTFE baking mat is made from PTFE coated woven or open mesh glass fiber fabric, and made into different size, shape. These mats are coated with food grade PTFE, which are designed for baking, grilling, food drying, etc.

We provide customized service of the dimension, shape and package of PTFE mat. Welcome to send the drawings and requirements to us.

Main properties:

  • Long continuous operating temperature resistance up to +550℉
  • 100% Non-stick
  • FDA and LFGB approved
  • Eco-friendly,non-toxic, safe to contact with food and antiseptic.
  • No need to use grease, fats or oils.
  • Easy to clean, hand washable and dishwasher safe.
  • It can be cut any shape to fit for your oven , toaster , stove, gas cooker, pans, cake tin.


Using for heating food

  • Using scissors to cut baking disc to desired size and shape.
  • Put the baking disc on the pot, pan or other containers.
  • Put food on the baking disc.
  • After the food cooked, remove the baking disc and cooling disc, washed with water.
  • Baking disc can be used repeatedly

Using for the grill oven gasket

  • Electric oven- Put on the bottom of the grill oven.
  • Vapor heat-circulation oven- Put on the bottom of oven shelf, and can’t be put on bottom of oven directly.
  • As a pretreatment surface, applying its anti-adhesive characteristics, it can be used in the surface of dough processing.